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Custom One of a Kind Pieces


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Start Your Piece Today

The pinnacle of Belle Via Jewelry is our true vintage, one of a kind, exclusive collection of necklaces. Using antique items and heirloom jewels from around the world, we layer and modify to make a truly special piece that no one else will ever have but YOU! We also love to take your family heirloom jewels and transform them into a more modern, wearable, and truly sentimental piece that is full of memories.


If you are interested in sending us your jewelry please inquire via e-mail at If you are interested in a one of a kind piece made from our own vintage goodies, please leave us a note indicating your style, whether you prefer mixed metals, silver chain, colors, rhinestones, etc. and we will create a piece perfect for you -- trust us!

Additionally, OOAK items are available for wholesale purchase. Please inquire about pricing via the Wholesale page.

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