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Our Path

The Beginning


Belle Via Jewelry Co.  began as a hobby and an opportunity to pursue a passion of crafting timeless beauty through vintage fashion. Initially, I sold my craft at home parties, girl’s nights out, and small events around town. Word spread, and interest grew in my custom jewelry collection. It became evident that this hobby was my calling. It was in my soul, and I needed to pursue it full-time as a career. The entrepreneurial spirit flamed, and in 2017 I launched Belle Via Jewelry Co. with the help of my husband, right in my home state of Minnesota. Later that year, Belle Via Jewelry was trademarked and our studios opened. The name Belle Via was inspired by our beautiful daughter Isabel, and the logo was designed by our creative son, Maxwell. It has truly been a family collaboration.

Today we continue our mission down this “beautiful pathway” (the translation of Belle Via) with retail and e-commerce sales and our social media outlets. Belle Via can also be found at Mainstream Boutiques and several other small boutiques across the country.


Our mission is simple:


To create timeless beauty and carefree style through vintage fashion and retro pricing.


Thank you for supporting my small business!


Long Live Vintage,


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At age 15, I visited my first flea market. I was hooked. I was in love with all things vintage. I began collecting furniture, clothing, hardware, jewelry and so much more. It all sparked my love and passion for the “old”, and years later, I began creating, repurposing, and upcycling jewelry. 


Finding things at flea markets, garage sales, or even my grandmas old jewelry box inspired me to bring things back to life. Every piece I discover has a story- which is left for me to retell. 


Belle Via (“beautiful pathways”) was created from my love for all things vintage. I combine new and old, modern and vintage, to create one of a kind jewelry pieces that women can wear with confidence every day. In the end however, it is not just about the jewelry, but rather the joy every woman feels when they receive a handmade piece from Belle Via Jewelry Co.


When I am not creating jewelry (which is not very often!) I love spending time with my husband, our two beautiful children, and our scruffy rescue puppy. I am forever grateful for the endless support I receive from them in my journey to create and live my dreams.


Live well, Be happy, Love strong. 




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